Prickly Plant

Holy Week

Different Directions

Red Hot

Street Walking

On The Edge

Jason March is a former Army sergeant who was severely disfigured after being hit by a sniper’s bullet in 2006 in Iraq. Through UCLA Operation Mend, a program that provides military personnel with severe facial and other medical injuries access to the nation’s top plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Jason has had multiple surgeries and has achieved one of his major goals: to smile again. Last week I photographed Jason for the #uclamagazine, working with the talented design director and photo editor Charlie Hess (@chessdesign). The story will appear in the June edition. Jason’s smile and laugh are infectious and his will to overcome these extraordinarily difficult circumstances is an amazing lesson in life.

Shadow Of Oldenburg’s Clothespin

One More From The Air

Big Ole Jetliner, Looking Kind Of Small

I was extremely honored to be photographed yesterday by the amazing @msgphoto (Max Gerber). He’s been doing a wonderful series of portraits on Instagram and it was a joy to see him work.



Just Hangin’

Flowering Palm